Jesus Fitness!

'What We Believe!

We believe that all are beautiful

the tall

the short

the curvy

the thin

God created us all.

We believe that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, but that being healthy is essential  to living a healthy and happy life!

This is a Christ centered Fitness program Our bodies are Gods temple

where he resides and lives

how we treat that body is our choice.  We live in a world full of temptations  how we treat our bodies is an act of worship.

God wants our bodies to be healthy more than just for beauty, but to serve him!

We are committed to help you reach that goal.  We love JESUS!

 If you have been fighting a battle

with your weight, this is your answer as you slim & trim yourself while worshiping God, and dancing to inspiring Christian music. I did it, Its safe & does take time, but I stuck to it, so can you. !

No classes to attend, workout at home,

never feel intimated by others who look so slim, muscular,thin, handsome

or beautiful, and you wonder why they are even there?

No one to compete with but yourself!

No gym's

No membership

No fees!