Jesus Fitness!

Good Snacks I Eat Now!

       Bad Snack foods I Always Ate!

 It will find you, but there's help out there if you look for it. Learn to substitute foods for those you love/ no suger or low sugar are better!

I now eat Surar free cookies instead

Now I eat cool Whip Ice cream instead

of real ice cream/freeze cool whip/ vanilla,or chocolate until frozen/put in cone/  enjoy!

I now look for Sugar free pies,cakes,

brownies/sugar free everything.  There out there,and you don't have to be a diabetic to eat them either!

I love these fruits as snacks with a bit of diet sugar sprinkled on top,or fat

free coolwhip on top!

Grapes are great snacks & have lots of fiber & good antioxdents too!

If you are like me you love these crackers!

All these crackers below are great & come in low fat also so you can still enjoy them as you slim down.  Just remember to eat the right portion as stated on the box!

Whatever your favorite snack or cracker is, remember to eat if in moderation/ half of what you would normally eat!

       I believe in YOU!

The Snack Attack!